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People tend to take windows for granted. They're just something to look through ... to look past. For this exercise, we're going to look at the window.

Locate a window -- in your house, office, wherever it is convenient to get up close and personal with one.

First, just spend some time looking at the window. Notice what size it is, how it fits into the wall. How many panes does it have? Are they all whole or are there cracks? What color is your window? Look at the paint -- is it smooth and glossy or matte? Are their cracks or chips? What does the putty holding the panes in place look like? Is the window squeaky clean or is the glass smudged and streaked? Really observe the window until you can truly see it for what it is.

Now reach out and touch the window. Run your hands over the various parts. Is the window framed with wood, metal, or plastic? What does the frame feel like? Is it smooth or rough? What does the section where frame meets pane feel like? Slide your hand across the glass and feel its smoothness. Feel the temperature of the glass. Is it warm or cold? How does the temperature of the glass let you know what the temperature outside is?

Do you notice any smells associated with your window? Can you smell the paint or the putty? Does the frame have a scent? Do you smell any window cleaner?

Now think about your window and appreciate it. Windows let you see into another place. They're almost magical things, showing you things that are going on somewhere else. Think how nice it is to have a window here in this spot. Think how nice it is to be behind that window if the weather outside is bad!

When you can truly be mindful of your window, you can let go and allow it to become "just" a window again -- but as with all of our exercises, you'll probably find that you keep your appreciation after this.

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