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Ponderings: Obliviousness

I had an epiphany the other day while watching other drivers do crazy things like try to turn left from the right-hand lane of the highway. Most people have no idea where they are

What I mean by this is that most people seem to go about their lives in a fog. They aren't connected to the world. They don't look around them. They aren't mindful.

This is the reason why people do irritating and stupid things. They are focused on their tiny space in the universe without understanding that they have an infinite amount of room to spread out. The rest of the universe doesn't even exist to them.

Living this way is like looking at the world through a paper towel tube: you see such a tiny bit of everything that's out there. You can't tell what else is going on, or if you're about to step into a dangerous situation. People who don't know where they are will not only drive crazily, but they will do other stupid things that -- at best -- annoy everyone around them and -- at worst -- might actually endanger them. These are the people who fall for scams, ignore their body's signs of illness, take drugs just because they saw an advert on the telly, and find themselves on their deathbeds wondering why they didn't do more with their lives. These are the people who can't handle stress and develop anxiety disorders; the people who confuse money and power with happiness; the people who start wars.

Not knowing who you are seems like a horrible life to me. I can't understand how these people blunder through their time here without ever being mindful of the world around them. How can they not know their own bodies, to begin with -- yet so many people have no idea when their brains try to tell them a situation is dangerous, when their organs try to tell them there is something wrong inside, when their senses tell them anything about the outside world. How can people not even notice the other people around them? How can they even get so focused on their cellphones, MP3 players, computers, televisions -- that they can tune out everything and everyone except themselves? Why would they even want to do that?

I am hoping that the people who follow this blog are learning how to be more mindful of the universe. That you can appreciate everything around you, and not be focused on the tiny space occupied by your body. I hope that you know where you are.

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