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That Joy in Existence Without Which the Universe Will Collapse

a journal of mindful living

Darksyde Lite is a journal about changing your world-view. So often, we trudge along with our eyes on the ground, missing everything that is going on around us. If we instead begin to be mindful of the world, and actively seek enlightenment, not only will we be happier, but we will grow as human beings. This journal will be a series of mind exercises in looking at the light-side instead of the dark-side of things.

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I tell my employees all the time, "It's a good thing saber-tooth tigers are extinct, because that customer is so oblivious that they'd have been eaten as soon as they set foot outside their house!" I see so many people who are unhappy, and I feel that they could change that if they only looked around themselves and started appreciating instead of denigrating.

We also have a joke - instead of listing "Things That Irritate Me," I would have to list "Things That DON'T Irritate Me!" However, despite my enjoyment of sarcasm and insult, I also enjoy life. I feel that I notice things that others usually miss, and am mindful of the world around me and the "Boom-De-Ya-Da" moments (as the Discovery Channel so aptly puts it). I appreciate the little things (like sarcasm) instead of wishing I had the big ones.

As a bipolar person, I also appreciate the "ups" in my life, because they are so obviously contrasted with the "downs." I think that many of my topics will appeal to other bipolars as they struggle to control their lives. Of course, mindfulness does not control mood swings, but it does help avoid the worry and negative thinking that often accompanies them.

Darksyde is the creation of J.E.S. Hays, and refers to the mystery of life, as in the Dark Side of the Moon, which we never see from our planet. Darksyde is a science fiction universe peopled by obnoxiously curious aliens who live in the moment and never fail to appreciate life.

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