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Memory feeds imagination | Come out of the circle of time

The Horizon

This is more of an "internal" mindfulness exercise. Sit where you can see the horizon -- preferably a good, straight strip of it, but if you live in a hilly or tree-covered area, you can take whatever slice of the horizon you can see.

Gaze at the horizon and just let your mind drift off. What can you see at the edge of Earth and Sky? What colors are there? Really look at them -- don't just say Earth is green and Sky is blue! Observe the edges of the world and see them for what they really are.

Look down at the Earth and feel its solidity. Feel how deep beneath you it goes. Let yourself feel the hugeness of the planet you're sitting on. Look at the edge of the Earth as it touches the Sky. What shape is it? Is the sun shining onto the horizon, or is it sinking below it? What does the light look like touching the edge of the world?

Look up at the Sky. Feel how far above you it reaches. Let yourself feel the hugeness of our atmosphere. Can you see any clouds? Look how they tower above you, reaching miles upwards. Look at the way the light shines through the air.

Can you see another horizon above you?

Think about horizons. What is a horizon? What does one look like and feel like? What does the edge of things mean to you? Don't censor your mind. Whatever thoughts come into your head are good thoughts. Imagine that you could travel instantaneously to the horizon you can see. What would you do there? Would you stop, or would you keep traveling? What would it feel like to see every horizon on the planet? Would you feel excited or afraid? Would you be homesick? Would you long for the next place on your journey?

Think about how horizons affect our lives. Think about all of the explorers and adventurers who have sought the horizon and discovered new parts of our planet. Think of what it must be like to explore a place that no human has ever seen before? Think of the fact that there are still such places on Earth, even now.

Pull your mind back from the horizon. Settle into your body and appreciate your experience. The horizon will always be there, waiting for you.

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